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Welcome to the Investment Adviser Rep Syndicate (“The Syndicate”).  The organization that is focused on YOU–the investment adviser–by providing you with many of the tools needed to protect YOUR business.

You spend each day focused on the interests of others–your employer, your employees, and your clients. In addition, concentrating on and assuring compliance with applicable securities laws and regulations consumes considerable time that you would rather dedicate to growing your business and client base. The Syndicate recognizes that while remaining compliant is crucial to your success, giving attention to other details of your business is just as important. Your membership with The Syndicate can help you achieve that balance.  We focus on YOUR interests by providing education and information outlets on regulatory compliance and business development issues.

We offer training, guidance, question and answer forums, among other tools to help you stay informed, compliant, and growing as an investment adviser.  Whether you’re a new adviser trying to navigate the compliance landscape or you just need assistance staying the course, The Syndicate is here for YOU.

The benefits of membership can be found by clicking here.  So take a tour around this website and our Twitter page (@IARSyndicate) and consider joining our journey forward.